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Welcome to the Train Sim Depot, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, the best downloads, and all the help and information you'll ever need concerning MS Train Sim
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Western Coast Xpress Virtual Railroad:

This Canadian based Virtual Railroad with many projects in the pipeline, promises to boast some of the best custom routes around. Definitely worth a butcher's. Visit WCX:


Update Apologies (30/08/01)

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I have been very busy recently, and haven't had time to work on the site, however now, I hope to get back on track and update at least once every week.


The Great Empire Express (02/08/01):

If you like classic steam locos then you'll love this. Modelled with breath taking accuracy on the 1941 Great Empire Express, this loco boasts incredible detail & great textures. So head on over Train Artisan and download it today!

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